PIRON Global Development not only offers tailor-made services that are geared to the specific requirements of the commissioning organization. The consultancy also delivers standardized package solutions that apply prefabricated analytical routines to common areas of operations.

PIRON Global Development brings to its customers an easy to understand and clearly perceivable value-added with these products. The standardization of the packages offered has the advantage of comparability with peer organizations in the industry. The commissioning organization is empowered to determine its progress and position with regard to specific topics. Moreover, the definition of the necessary measures to be taken in different fields of action is facilitated. It is needless to say that the anonymity of all customers remains preserved at all times in spite of drawing comparisons.


Donor Analysis

Who are the donors of my organization?

Dialogue Check

How well does my organization communicate with (prospective) donors?

Public Funds Check

Does my organization fully benefit from its potential in the field of subsidies?

Media Analysis

How effective is the public relations / communications work of my organization?

Donor Survey

How do my donors perceive my organization?

Transparency Check

To what extent can external interested parties obtain relevant information about my organization?

Stakeholder Analysis

Who belongs to the relevant environment of my organization?

Ideen, Worte und Taten für mehr Großartigkeit

Inh.: Matthias Böhning (Dipl.-Oec.), Beratender Betriebs- und Volkswirt

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