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Im Auftrag unserer Kunden aus den Bereichen Internationale Organisationen, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Völkerverständigung, Humanitäre Nothilfe, Personalentsendung und entwicklungspolitische Bildungs- und Anwaltschaftsarbeit leben wir täglich unser Motto: #GutesGrossartigMachen.


  • On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2018 

    Former US-President Jimmy Carter once articulated the following statement: „We all realize that religious differences have often been a cause or a pretext of war. Less well known is the fact that the actions of many religious persons and communities point in another direction. They demonstrate that religion can be a potent force in encouraging the peaceful resolution of conflict.” This quote expresses an increasingly common view by scholars and practitioners alike, which holds that rather than only inciting war (as the current activities of some extremist religious groups might suggest), religion can contribute effectively to conflict resolution. To illustrate this point, the scholar and rabbi Marc Gopin has argued that “[w]orld religions have a reservoir of pro-social values of profound subtlety and effectiveness that, if utilized well, could form the Mehr lesen…