As an agency for project management, fundraising, consulting and communication we are privileged to do bring our clients and projects from #GoodToGreat every day. Our strengths lie in the following services:

We think with, ahead, further and crosswise. We brainstorm, develop, map, sketch, filter, describe, challenge, refine and test concepts.

Examples of assignments

  • Conception of a one-week delegation trip to cooperation partners and key stakeholders
  • Concept development for a representative office at the UN location in Bonn
  • Concept development for an annual industry meeting
  • Consulting and support in the conception of a topic-specific development policy platform
  • Basic concept of an innovative event format for expatriates and employees of international organisations at the Bonn location
  • Conception of a bi-annual visitor festival with focus on fundraising for an internationally operating aid organisation
  • Conception of a development policy qualification measure

Good to GREAT

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We have already implemented successful projects for all these organisations and partners:

Fundraising – Management – Communication

prop.: Matthias K. Boehning (Dipl.-Oec.), Consultant Economist


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