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Exemplary project


Feasibility study for the establishment of a company for the production of recycled plastic articles in Ghana. Scope of services: (1) Identification of possible investment locations with pro/con arguments, (2) Clarification of infrastructural requirements (location of the construction area, connection to energy, water, traffic routes), (3) Analysis of transport possibilities to the distribution locations, (4) Creation of an overview of general technical feasibility at the locations, (5) Creation of an overall concept for the technical implementation of the construction of the company, including technological requirements for the procurement of raw materials, (6) Examination of the legal framework conditions, for example for the establishment of the company (legal form of the company, tax law, customs duties, drafting of contracts, etc.), (7) Comparison with existing standards, in particular environmental and social standards, (8) Assessments of issues relating to purchasing, logistics and legal framework conditions for the introduction of the machines, (9) Collection of basic data on the market and sales opportunities, (10) Analysis of economic feasibility in terms of sales opportunities, stakeholder interests, organization and controlling incl. management structures, necessary product adjustments (product selection, definition of the product range, product design, use of the product, price-performance ratio, cost-benefit analyses), (11) Detailed description and listing of the financial resources required for the planned investments, (12) Preparation of the collateralization concept including examination of the available collateral assets and their valuations, (13) Definition of the sources of financing including assessment of their availability


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prop.: Matthias K. Boehning (Dipl.-Oec.), Consultant Economist


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