On the following fields of activity we combine our strengths with our passion for greatness:


We develop concepts and formats for enhanced religious competence. We foster skills with regard to religion, belief and ideology. And we support our clients in working with organizations, initiatives and movements with a background of faith or faith-based motives.

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Our customers do good. We help them doing good in a great way, using our own guiding framework: the greatness puzzle.

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Companies can do great things in international development cooperation. We help our entrepreneurial clients to be (or become) active in developing and emerging countries in a great and socially responsible way.

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Topic areas under development:


Development efforts cost money - in every country in the world. Acquiring the necessary financial resources, managing them wisely and allocating them to the most sensible uses requires great insights and concepts. We support our clients in research, analysis and concept development.

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Belief and worldview also play a remarkable role in the financial world. Faith-based players manage very large assets and rely on religious and ideological principles in their investment and investment practices. We support our clients in understanding these interrelationships as well as with research, analyses and recommendations for action.

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Whether faith-based organisation or commercial enterprise, you will find our services in the respective topic area.

FiD Monitor

Under the motto "500 seconds for more faith in development", our free English-language Faith In Development Monitor appears every two months.

The factor “faith” receives too little attention in global development cooperation. Despite the fact that human development is inseparably interwoven with our worldview. The societies and cultures in which development projects are implemented are deeply influenced by faith. At the same time, religious organizations are among the oldest and most powerful actors in global and local development cooperation. The Faith In Development Monitor contributes to (1) clarifying the relevance of religion for international development cooperation, (2) increasing religious competence among practitioners and political decision-makers and (3) explaining current developments in the field of “religion and development” in a comprehensible manner.


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