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#FaithInDevelopment - Faith and Development

Faith and worldview are often taboo subjects - and yet they are closely linked to our human development and to the development path of economies and societies. We develop concepts and formats for more "Religious Literacy" and support our clients in working with Faith-based or Faith-inspired Actors (organizations, initiatives and movements with a faith background or faith-based motives). To the topic page

#SocialProfit - Doing Good Great

Our customers do good for themselves and for the world because they do good. We help our customers to do this good in a great way, using our own guiding framework, the Excellence Puzzle. To the topic page

#BusinessForDevelopment - Companies and development cooperation

Companies can do great things in international development cooperation. They can create jobs, increase tax revenues in developing countries and bring environmental and social standards to even the most remote areas of the world. We support our clients in discovering and using the potential of the private sector within the framework of the global partnership to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. We help our entrepreneurial clients to be (or become) great entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies. To the topic page

New horizons - topics under development

#FinancingForDevelopment - Development Finance

Development efforts cost money - in every country in the world. Acquiring the necessary financial resources, managing them wisely and putting them to the most sensible uses requires great insights and concepts. We support our clients in research, analysis and concept development. To the topic page

#FaithInFinance - Faith and Finance

Faith and worldview also play a noteworthy role in the financial world. Faith-based players manage very large assets and rely on religious and ideological principles in their investment and investment practices. We support our clients in understanding these interrelationships as well as with research, analyses and recommendations for action. To the topic page

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