PIRON Global Development offers specialized services to NGOs working in development cooperation, international relations, humanitarian relief, development education and advocacy.

PIRON Global Development defines the ideal solution package in exchange with the commissioning organization - regardless of whether the needs lie in the area of sound advice, tailor-made training and efficient management.

PIRON Global Development not only consults and trains its customers. If necessary operational management capacities are offered - be it for the management of thematic or fundraising campaigns, the interim management of an organization’s fundraising or PR department or classic project management.

PIRON Global Development rapidly adapts both to the respective staff situation and thematic challenges of the commissioning organization and develops tailor-made added value for its customers. Existing structures are not replaced or duplicated in a costly manner but complementarily supplemented and strengthened.


  • Campaign Management (thematic or fundraising campaigns)
  • Project management and/or backstopping of (publicly funded) projects and programs
  • Interim management in situations of (temporarily) insufficient staff capacity in the areas of fundraising, PR and in general administration

PIRON Global Development supports its clients in obtaining the necessary resources to fulfill their organizational purpose. Doing so, a broad understanding of the fundraising concept is applied, which includes (in addition to the procurement of financial resources) also goods in-kind, human capacity (for example, by procuring volunteers), know-how and contacts/networks.

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in developing a balanced fundraising mix. This puts the financial base of the commissioning organization on several strong pillars that complement each other and help compensate for temporary weaknesses in one area. A detailed analysis of available public and private funding sources is as much part of PIRON’s service portfolio as the development of specific strategies for fundraising from private donors, foundations and corporations.


  • Design and implementation of donor campaigns
  • Donor analyses
  • Strengthening the internal organization of the donor process
  • Checks on available public funding
  • Support during the application for public funding (including proposal writing)

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in the design of tailor-made communication strategies. This includes solutions for general public relations activities, for establishing and strengthening government relations aiming at acquiring public grants and the development of action plans in the complex field of strategic stakeholder communication.

PIRON Global Development understands both the requirements and the "secret rules" of the different fields of public relations. The consultancy provides its customers with the necessary know-how and equips them with the practical tools needed in order to excel in whatever communication challenge may occur.  


  • Strategic planning of the desired media coverage on the basis of an annual calendar (subject to internal staff capacities and external events)
  • workshops on writing successful press releases
  • Advice on establishing an effective internal public relations management
  • Identification of relevant events and dates for different employee levels of the organization (top management, department / team leader, operating personnel or thematically and/or regionally focused project staff)

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in dealing with the political sphere. NGOs are often faced with the challenge to adequately deal with different actors of the policy cycle. How can an organization's own interests - or the interests of the target groups of the work of the organization – be represented in the political arena in an efficient and effective manner? What rules apply? PIRON supports its clients in answering these questions and develops tailor-made strategies of political communication in close cooperation with the commissioning organization.

PIRON Global Development develops tailored, customer-oriented formats of political communication jointly with the commissioning organization Whether personal background discussions with policy makers, small effective short events or big-audience parliamentary evenings - PIRON collaborates with its clients on successful concepts. Doing so, it harnesses its existing wide-spun network in the political arena.


  • Introductory workshop on goal-oriented political communication (processes, rules and instruments of advocacy work)
  • Conceptual design and event management of a Parliamentary Evening
  • Personal training of executives on adequate public behavior in the political arena

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in the implementation of an organization-specific strategic stakeholder analysis. Relevant external actors that are either important contact points for the organization in terms of achieving its own objectives or potential supporters, companions or critics of the work of the organization are identified and prioritized.  Precise communication concepts are developed together with the customer taking into account the special knowledge, contacts and characteristics of the commissioning organization.

PIRON Global Development establishes the right contact at the right time in the right way for its customers. The commissioning organization benefits from the right person at the right moment. This helps to preserve valuable internal personnel capacities, instead of using them for the time-consuming quest for the right contact.


  • Implementation of a strategic stakeholder analysis
  • Design, preparation and practical management of tailor-made networking events
  • Identification of the most important external events and appointments for the top management of the commissioning organization

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in the planning and implementation of tailor-made internal workshops that respond to general and/or specific information and training needs of the commissioning organization. PIRON provides own staff for the implementation of the workshops if needed, optionally identifies further external speakers  and prepares the organization's internal speakers on their role in the workshop beforehand.

PIRON Global Development supports its customers in the design, the development and the updating of materials used in internal workshops and trainings. The consultancy provides templates and text modules upon request of the commissioning organization. If necessary, PIRON commissions additional experts from its network (e.g. adult educators, graphic designers, editors, moderators, mediators, e-learning experts, etc.).


  • Training of the organization’s fundraising team on building lasting relationships with private donors
  • Planning and implementation of an internal workshop on an organization's updated mission statement

PIRON Global Development offers its customers presentations of different length and orientation on the various issues of the consultancy’s service spectrum. Oftentimes, speeches to an organization’s workforce or to member organizations of an association are the most appropriate way to introduce innovations and fundamental changes in a field of activity relevant to the listeners. PIRON speaks the language of the audience and vividly conveys the message.

PIRON Global Development contributes the desired content to public events of the commissioning organization - be it knowledge, enthusiasm or identification with the organization's purpose. The setting may be the organization’s anniversary or any other occasion.


  • Lecture on “the basics of fundraising" to the members of an association of development organizations
  • Exhilarating, serene speech on the German market for donations and the profile of the German donor at the annual meeting of an organization’s regular donors
  • Input on inheritance law as part of an organization's internal annual strategy meeting by a specialist solicitor commissioned by PIRON

PIRON Global Development moderates public events of the commissioning organization and thus contributes to the professionalism of each format - be it thematic events, anniversaries and other festivities or press conferences.

PIRON Global Development identifies the right person for the moderation of the planned event on behalf of its clients. Whether a thematic or regional expert is needed, whether for a thematic or festive occasion - PIRON finds the perfect match in its extensive network. By taking over this organizational task (which is often perceived as challenging and time-consuming in the preparation phase of events) PIRON creates value-added for its clients.


  • Moderation of a public panel discussion on "Food Security in Southern Africa"
  • Moderation of the morning program of an organization’s 30th anniversary celebration
  • Moderation of the annual press conference of the commissioning organization

PIRON Global Development understands the needs and temporarily occurring bottlenecks faced especially by its smaller clients with narrow staffing. An important text (be it a project proposal or a press release) has to be finished urgently, a major event with important external guests is coming up or a current trend requires a prompt thoughtful response - and suddenly a key employee gets ill. In such situations, someone is needed who comes on the scene quickly and acts adequately.

PIRON Global Development acts as the “firefighter” when everything seems tight and hopeless. Without great loss of time, the most important and urgent task packages are identified, rigorously sorted according to their priority and gotten done immediately. In order to do so, PIRON deploys own personnel or commissions external additional staff capacity. This helps to preserve the good and appreciative interaction amongst the staff of the commissioning organization and to master the challenging situation.


  • Redesign of a planned press conference due to the sudden cancellation of the main speaker’s psrticipation (processing time: 18 hours)
  • Short-term response to the offer of a nationwide magazine to publish a (not yet written) report on the commissioning organization (Processing time: 6 hours)
  • Preparation of a lecture for a specialist event taking place the following morning due to the last-minute cancellation of a speaker’s participation (Processing time: overnight, including travel time)

Fundraising – Management – Communication
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