We are an agency for project management, fundraising, consulting and communication services based in the German UN city of Bonn. Our core competence and specialization traditionally lies in the field of international development cooperation. However, our client portfolio and range of services has expanded considerably in recent years. As a creative solution provider, we are often commissioned with innovations that do not fit into any existing box. We also like to try out new things ourselves...

What drives and inspires us is summarized in one word: excellence. On behalf of our customers we are privileged to turn good to great every day. This can be the conception and implementation of a new (development) project, the further development of a client's external online and offline communication or the development of innovative measures for fundraising and capital procurement. Find out more about our strengths

In our subject areas #FaithInDevelopment (faith and development), #SocialProfit (doing good in a meaningful way) and #BusinessForDevelopment (commercial enterprises in development cooperation), our competencies are combined with our passion. To our topics

We see ourselves with a special focus as a premium service provider for Christian development organisations. Organizations with a church, community and/or missionary profile, which are active in development cooperation, humanitarian emergency aid as well as development education and advocacy work, face special challenges but also opportunities to shape the future. Frequently, specifically adapted strategies of internal organisational development and external action in the areas of fundraising, communication and project work are required, which we develop and implement together with our clients. To the Bonn Salon - Christian Development Cooperation

Faith plays a major role for us - both internally and in our commissioned work. Christian values form the most important foundation of our company and shape our management and work culture as well as our dealings with our customers. In our daily work we also have a lot to do with Faith-based Actors (faith-based organizations) in various countries around the globe and thus with the topics of faith and worldview in international development cooperation. To the Faith in Development Monitor

We continuously improve our corporate sustainability. Internally, we pay attention to business, social and ecological health and live these principles in our commissioned work. Just a few examples from the area of environmental sustainability: we order our office supplies from the sustainable mail order company Memo, we use the sustainable search engine Ecosia for our web research, we offset our business air travel via CompensAid and at Christmas we give tree vouchers from Plant for the Planet to our customers, partners and friends.

Our work is based on a conceptual framework we developed ourselves, which we call "The Greatness Puzzle". Greatness - or excellence - is created when different essential elements interlock, are closely interwoven and have their proper place in the big picture - like in a puzzle. In our experience, the interaction of seven elements - embedded in a framework of clarity - leads to greatness for our customers:

Element 1: Courageous and adaptable management and board work

Element 2: Disciplined people-oriented management

Element 3: Well-designed and well-implemented programmes and strategies

Element 4: Financial health, stability and sustainability

Element 5: A culture that values learning

Element 6: Internal monitoring systems for continuous improvement

Element 7: External evaluation to verify the effectiveness of the performance of the contract


Clarity* on six questions:

One: Why are we here? (reason for existence)

Two. How do we act? (Basic values)

Three. What do we do? (Job description)

4. how do we succeed? (Strategic cornerstones)

Five. What's the priority now? (Thematic target)

6. Who has to do what? (Responsibilities)

(* answered collectively, no internal differences)

Matthias K. Boehning

CEO, Consultant Business Economist, Conference Facilitator


Bonn/Berlin Office

Lilian M. Kurz

Project Coordinator, Event Manager


Bonn Office

Ulrich Nitschke

Senior Advisor, Head of Faith & Development Department


Bonn Office

Curriculum Vitae


Angela Pscholkowski

Office Manager


Bonn Office

Elena Lunz

Junior Project Manager


Bonn Office

Elisabeth Doergeloh

Junior Project Manager


Bonn Office

Sarah Adem

Junior Project Manager


Bonn Office

Jessica Blum

Junior Project Manager


Bonn Office

Armin Kraemer

Project Manager


Stuttgart Office

Emmanuel Zinsu

Project Manager


Stuttgart Office

Christian Boguslawski

Project Manager


Berlin Office

Romein van Staden

Project Manager


Bonn Office

We are often asked where our name "PIRON" comes from, what it means or what it stands for. Basically, it can be said: PIRON is a proper name, not an abbreviation or an artificial word. Where this proper name comes from is a long story that is best shared in a personal conversation. But in brief: PIRON is the name of a place in South Africa where the vision and basic idea for our work as an agency was born more than ten years ago. Accordingly, this name stands for our foundation and our origins.

Fundraising – Management – Communication

prop.: Matthias K. Boehning (Dipl.-Oec.), Consultant Economist

Am Platz der Vereinten Nationen
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 2 
53113 Bonn/Germany

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Twitter: @pironglobal