PIRON Global Development offers its services in different fields of activity. NGOs in the field of development cooperation, international relations   and humanitarian relief often perceive it as a challenge to simultaneously act on different levels in order to achieve sustainable and successful working results that contribute to the objectives set.

PIRON Global Development understands both the specific potential and challenges of each of these fields of activity and knows about their interdependence. Often, success only comes with working on all fields simultaneously and equally coherent. PIRON helps its clients - sometimes simply through the disinterested "view from the outside" - to recognize and realize their potential for development in the different "playing fields”.

PIRON Global Development offers its services in the field of classical international project work. For the majority of private organizations in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, the planning and implementation of projects with a total budget of between 10,000 € and 500,000 € constitutes the "bread-and-butter" business.

PIRON Global Development advises and supports its clients in the project design, the necessary preparatory work with the local partners and, where appropriate, when applying for (public) funding. PIRON accompanies the commissioning organization - both in Germany and on site - in all project phases through to project accounting and the submission of final reports on expenditure of funds.

PIRON Global Development advises its customers with regards to political advocacy. Many development organizations face the challenge of combining their specific project work with "lobbying for good"-activities. For the only way to tackle underlying problems in the long term is to sustainably change structures.

PIRON Global Development advises and supports its clients in the design and implementation of advocacy campaigns that are geared to influencing policy makers. PIRON trains employees of the commissioning organization on adequate behavior in the political arena. In order to increase the impact of its customers’ advocacy campaigns PIRON takes advantage of its existing networks in the German development hubs (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt).

PIRON Global Development offers its services in the fields of development education and measures to increase public awareness. Numerous private development organizations want to take their extensive experiences made in the field work back to their home country. Doing so, they are able to inform people living in Germany, for example, about the implications for global development of their daily individual consumption decisions.

PIRON Global Development advises and supports its clients in the design and implementation of awareness campaigns and development education projects. PIRON identifies potential funding sources on behalf of the commissioning organization and offers its support during the application process. The thematic focus may be on a variety of issues such as development policy, humanitarian aid, refugee policy, international or German-Israeli relations.

PIRON Global Development advises and supports associations who want to increase the value-added of their services for their member organizations. Associations often face the complex challenge of simultaneously offering excellent services to its membership base with tight budgets, thematically setting the right priorities in order to make lobbying for their members effective, while continuously monitoring the most important (political) changes in their specific fields of activity.

PIRON Global Development supports clients to reduce complexity and identifies the key measures to be taken in order to achieve results in the short, medium and long-term through workshops and consultations with representatives of associations. PIRON also offers lectures and trainings on its various areas of activity which broaden the range of topics covered at associations’ annual meetings, general meetings or thematic events.

Fundraising – Management – Communication
prop.: Matthias K. Boehning (Dipl.-Oec.), Consultant Economist

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