Christian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the field of development cooperation often face special challenges, particularly with regards to self-conception, fundraising, public relations and operational activities. This has much to do with the fact that missionary-evangelistic work on the one hand and social-charitable, benevolent or development-policy related work on the other have to be reconciled - which proves to be a constant task in many contexts.

The main idea of the Bonn Salon is to strengthen Christian development NGOs in their special character and to set inspirational impulses in the areas of self-understanding, fundraising and leadership. As a closed conference, the Bonn Salon offers the necessary exclusivity and confidentiality for dealing adequately with the food for thought offered. During the Bonn Salon the Chatham House rule applies (open discussion during the conference; possibility to use all obtained information outside the conference, but without direct citation).

Participation in the Bonn Salon is only possible by personal invitation. Invitees are CEOs and senior managers of Christian non-governmental organizations with activities in the field of development cooperation.

2020 edition    

30/31 January 2020

Opening: Thursday, 11 am

Conclusion: Friday, 1:30 pm

Participation Fee             

(to be announced)

Topics 2020

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Event Organizers

Conference Venue 

Haus Venusberg

Haager Weg 28-30

53127 Bonn

Contact person if you are interested in participating or if you have questions about the Bonn Salon:

Lilian M. Kurz

Project Coordinator “Bonn Salon Christian Development Cooperation“ or

Looking back: Topics 2019

Guiding Theme: "Developing (by) Faith sustainably - Christian Responsibility in the era of the Agenda 2030"

Forum I – Looking inward
How are Christian development organizations positioned to meet the needs and challenges of the Agenda 2030 / SDGs?

Forum II – Looking outward
What are the expectations and (new) external framework conditions for Christian development organizations? What is the general relevance of faith-based organizations in global development and global environmental efforts?

Evening of Inspiration (fellowship, talks, music and inspirational impulses)

Forum III – Looking sidewards
How do faith-based development organizations work in an intercultural and interreligious context? What are exemplary challenges and solutions?

Header Photo: Britta Schuessling

Fundraising – Management – Communication

prop.: Matthias K. Boehning (Dipl.-Oec.), Consultant Economist

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